History of Buffalo 85


Fuselage Repair

Assembly and Painting

Display Engine

Restoration Crew


Parts Needed

RESTORATION - Assembly and Painting

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Wing Attachment

On October 1, 2005, the main fuselage was rolled out of the barn and placed under the centre wing section. The wing section was supported by two manual cranes. This first set of pictures shows some final preparation before the fuselage was rolled out of the barn.

The following pictures show the Buffalo being rolled out onto the museum tarmac.

The fuselage is then rolled under the elevated wing section. The Buffalo Crew poses for a victory picture.

The wing is then lowered onto the fuselage. The main attachment is using large pins (left picture). Then the riveting work begins to attach all the skins removed 3 years ago during disassembly in South Carolina.

Extending the Landing Gear

On October 22, 2005, the wing and fuselage were raised to allow the Buffalo Crew to lower the landing gear. The assistance of Aurora Crane is gratefully acknowledged! This first set of pictures shows Ben (left) and Bill (right) installing the nose gear prior to moving the fuselage.

The Buffalo prior to the lift with gear installed but semi-retracted.

Last flight of the Buffalo! The Buffalo is "airborne" with some Aurora Crane assistance and the gear snaps into place.

The Buffalo sits on its gear after a decade sitting on a wooden yoke.

Aft Fuselage Attachment

In December 2005, the aft fuselage was attached to the forward fuselage. This was remarkably finicky work as the aft fuselage had to be carefully slid between stringers and the exterior skin. These photos show two Saturdays of work to make this attachment - including installing fasteners on a very cold December afternoon. Photos courtesy of Rick Lund.

The aft fuselage is hoisted into position.

The aft fuselage is fastened into position.


Control Surfaces and Leading Edges

During Jan-April 2006, the crew worked on refurbishing control surfaces and leading edges.

A leading edge is stripped and cleaned.

Various pieces - primed and ready for painting.

Outer wing and empennage in hanger for painting. Photos courtesy of Rick Lund.

Wings and Empenage

From Summer 2006 through to Spring 2007, the crew painted and assembled the wings and empenage. In May and June 2007, painted wings and empenage were attached to the aircraft to substantially complete external assembly (excluding props). Photos by Rick L., Linda G., and George B.

Below is the aerial view of the CWHM ramp during June 2007. Buffalo is mid-photo. Wings are attached, empenage is sitting on ramp next to aircraft.

Wings on!

Empenage lifted and attached.

Looks like an airplane...