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1975 - Rotation 3

The following is a list personnel from Rotation 3 of 116 ATU (late-1974 to mid-1975). Highlighted names link to photos of the individual (click on the name to see a photo). All photographs courtesy of Lyle Coulter. Please contact us with any corrections, additional information, or photographs.

LCol Coulter L

Arsenault A
Arseneault JP
Beauchemin FR
Beaudin JF
Berg ED
Berneche RJ
Binette JJ
Bucholtz CC
Burns GF
Campbell GW
Cedar WK
Crandall DJ

Cross ER
Davidson DM
Dumont DJ
Feilding HC
Fitzpatrick LD
Freeman PM
Gagnon TL
Goulette JE
Grant RB
Graves PJ
Hay RW
Hay WW

Holman GN
Hughes NB
Hurley FM
Kenty HMW
Lortie A
McClure RJ
McNaughton GA
Mann DC
Marcoux JP
Monette JM
Noga JE
Osborne CW

Pfefferle MM
Pharand GA
Reid RA
Robertson EC
Rozon D
Seywright J
Sibbald RI
Slocum KM
Smith RB
Trenholm GW
Trites FD
Wells FJ
West E

The following photos (and photos linked to the names above) were all scanned from a photo album presented to Lyle Coulter, CO of 116 ATU from Oct 74 to Apr 75. The photo album (scan of the cover at right) was presented to him when he departed. Click on the photo album cover to see a larger image of the cover. Please contact us with any corrections, additional information, or photographs.

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Additional photographs of Rotation 3 individuals, from left to right - Coulter, Marcoux, Noga.

Photographs taken in Beirut. Caption for photo at left is "Beirut - Cliff Feilding, Henri Rozon, Guy Campbell, 'Robby' Robertson". Photo at right is captioned "Beirut - Sgt Hassan"

Other non 116 ATU personal (??). From left to right: i) Lt. Col Don Ackert and F27 crew; ii) D'Entremont and Campbell - Air/Ground?air - MACS Ismailia; iii) Dale Neinamoser (sp?) from 73 "Circus" Battalion.

116 Mess Dinner (Couth and Culture)

Justice Department

Rothman's Tour


Other camp scenes:

Farewell parade for CO: