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1975 to 1976

Photograph of the 1975-76 Winter Tour Personnel courtesy of Doug Hunter, son of the late James L. Hunter. James Hunter is in the back row on the far right.

Photographs of James L. Hunter provided by his son Doug. Photo 2 (in front of pyramid) includes Dave Simms and Garey Gabriel flanking James Hunter.

1. and 2. M/Cpl Garey Gabriel and M/Cpl Wayne "Zap" Cundal at some spiked artillery pieces on the Gaza strip. 3. Sgt Dave Simms at the mouth of the Suez Canal in Port Said. 4. At ruins in Saquara. 5. A couple of the guys trying on some local garb at "Billy The Kid's" in Ismailia. (photographs of courtesy of Garey Gabriel and Wayne Cundal).

1. and 2. MacKee's manor, the community home (the the white duty shack in Photo 2 that was home to the ice machine. 3. and 4. The patio of our tent group. 5. MCpl Wayne Cundal in front of "Home Sweet Home". (photographs of courtesy of Garey Gabriel and Wayne Cundal).

1. M/Cpl Garey Gabriel, IET having a snooze coming back from a trip to the Gulf of Aquaba. 2. Garey Gabriel being promoted to M/Cpl WSE by L/Col Raeside 1975. 3. Recent photo of Garey Gabriel (photographs of courtesy of Garey Gabriel and Wayne Cundal).

1. A medals parade (Polish?). 2. Unknown at Giza, with 116's main mode of transport - a 9 pax Chevy wagon (When Wanye arrived as part of the first of the 5th draft, the wagon was set aside with a blown engine, and the base was trying to scrap it. The unit hung onto it, and the messes in Trenton combined and sent an engine over. Denis Vallieres and Wayne installed it using very basic tools and a fork lift, and it was still going when Wayne left in April '76). 3. M/Cpl Wayne Cundal parking a Buffalo. 4. Re-suply Herc - extras and mail. 5. Cpl Denis Vallieres and an unknown in front of the maintenance shack we built near the runway. (photographs of courtesy of Garey Gabriel and Wayne Cundal).

Photograph of the 1976 Summer Tour Personnel taken August 1976 courtesy of Steve McNamee.

Additional 1976 Summer Tour photos courtesy of Steve McNamee. Left to right 1) 116 ATU Flightline Sunset 2) McDonalds in the desert 3) Brian Burke, chairman of the 116 ATU escape committee.