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116 ATU

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Photograph of the 1979 Personnel (believed taken from May to Sept 1979) courtesy of Barbara Grimster, wife of late Dennis (Denny) A. Grimster:

Interior shot of 116 ATU Buffalo in flight from Ismailia to RAF Akrotiri, Cyprus, September 1979. Captain Scott Fuller, CCUNEFME HQ Quartermaster seated at right. Photo at right appeared in the December 1979 issue of Airforce Magazine (Vol. 3, No. 4) and is captioned "Just before 116 ATU pulled out of the Middle East, a mysterious banner appeared on the headqurters of CCUNEF. Here Capt. Scott Fuller, a former airman, now a supply officer, poses before the RCAF Ensign.". Both images courtesy of Scott Fuller.

Photographs ME79-72-2 and MES79-213 from DND (used with permission). Believed to be taken at Ismailia in 1979.

116 ATU photographs courtesy of Barbara Grimster, wife of late Dennis (Denny) A. Grimster. Includes a photograph of Cpl. Dennis Grimster (Photo 1), his medals and badges (Photo 2) and a 116 ATU Souvenir Placement (Photo 3).

Dennis (Denny) A. Grimster Medals and badges of Dennis (Denny) A. Grimster

Photo of the last Buffalo to depart CCUNEFME Ismailia, Egypt, 1979. Photograph provided by Scott Fuller is Canadian Forces Photo ME79-0188-3.