CFB St. Hubert
(No. 429 Squadron)

CFB Trenton
(No. 424 Squadron)

CFB Comox
(No. 442 Squadron)

CFB Edmonton
(No. 429 and No. 440)

CFB Summerside
(No. 413 Squadron)



The first two Canadian Forces Buffalo (115451 and 115452) were initially assigned to the Aerospace Engineering Test Establishment (AETE) (orignally known as Central Experimental and Proving Establishment (CEPE))

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Buffalo 451 underwent cold weather testing at Churchill Manitoba (map at right) during the winter of 1967 and 1968. The Buffalo photograph below was taken in February 1968 courtesy of Roger Cyr. Photograph at right is of Roger Cyr from the duty roster board at Churchill in February 1968. For a short story from this period, please see "The Derelict Ship (and the Polar Bear)" by Roger Cyr (requires Adobe Reader to view). Third photograph shows a Dassault CC-117 Falcon taken in January of 1969 at Fort Churchill where it was undergoing cold weather testing alongside the Buffalo.

The following picture was taken at Churchill during February 1968.

Back row from L to R: Romy Guerrier - John Elmose - Felix Amiraulkt - Ed Zrudlo - Len Novakowski - Bud Peters - Dave Farmer - John Lawson - Roger Cyr - John Olenick - Brian Watts - Bob Linton - James Reed - Reg Miron - John Hielaema - Bob Haw - Bob Dawson - Len Moody

Front row from L to R: Whitey LeBlanc - Jim Garland - Jack McGrogan - George Capelianis - Joe LaCroix - Roger Fletcher - Darral Moffett - Jack Blewett - Gilles Beaulie(sp?) - Jim Hubick - Tab Hunter - Gill Ronholme - Harv Mukett - Dave Marayette - Doug Brown - Allar(?) - Harry Holestine

Two other fixtures at Fort Churchill while the Buffalo was undergoing cold weather testing were a Convair 990 (ostensibly used by NASA for aurora borealis research) and a Wessex Hovercraft.

During the summer of 1970, Buffalo 451 underwent hot weather trials at NAF El Centro California. First three photos are of the Canadian crew at El Centro. Photographs courtesy of Roger Cyr. Check out Roger's version of events at El Centro by reading his article "NAF El Centro" (requires Adobe Reader to view).

Buffalo 451 undergoes hot weather trials at El Centro. Photographs courtesy of Roger Cyr converted from slides thanks to JP LaChance.

The first photo was taken at Rosa's Cantena in Mexicali Mexico. Second photo shows Motel the air and ground crews stayed at during the hot weather trials in El Centro California. Last two photos are steeet scenes from El Centro near the crew hotel. Photographs courtesy of Roger Cyr.

The aircraft shown above (115451) was shortly after (Fall 1970) loaned to USAF Flight Dynamics Laboratory (FDL) and Bell Aerospace to test an Air Cushion Landing System (ACLS).

Following are various internal Buffalo configurations. Photographs courtesy of former loadmaster Roy Dowell.

Experimental work using a pair of USAF C-8A Buffalo was conducted by NASA Ames Research Center. This included using Buffalo No. 1 for Augmentor Wing Jet-STOL research and Buffalo No. 2 as Quiet Short Haul Research Aircraft (QRSA). A good photograph collection of these two aircraft while at NASA can be found on the NASA Buffalos page on Wayne Buser's Buffalo Web Site. Buffalo No. 1 was later transfered to the National Research Council (NRC) in Canada for further testing. On disposal, Buffalo No. 1 ended up at Newmarket Iron Steel and Auto in Newmarket - where the nose wheel well was salavaged for restoring Buffalo #85 at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum. Photographs below show Buffalo No.1 at Newmarket Iron Steel and Auto during July 2003.