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From the derelict hulk of Buffalo #85, volunteers at the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum have created a tribute to Canadian Peacekeepers.

The menu at left provides access to photo galleries and descriptions of the restoration.

Menus at left track restoration from acquisition (December 2002) to final assembly (2007). Below are details of aircraft completion in 2008 and 2009.

Fall 2008

On September 20, 2008, two major milestones were reached. During a visit by relatives of Captain Wicks and MWO Landry, family members applied the final touch of "UN Blue" by painting "461" on the nose of the aircraft. In a fitting and unplanned conclusion to the day, Gary of the restoration crew, nephew of Captain Wicks completed installation of the new floor with the last fastener as shown in the far right photograph.

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Top of the aircraft (November 1,2008) is shown in the following photographs.

Several side views (November 1,2008) of the nearly finished aircraft

Summer 2009

Over the winter (2008-09), interior restoration continued. The port interior was restored to circa 1974 (e.g., sound insulation, troop seats) while the starboard side was left "as is" so visitors can see the workings of the aircraft (e.g., control cables, hydraulic and electical lines, structure).

Electrical lines were tested and some exterior lighting was made functional as shown in the night photo below (by Rick Lund). Minor exterior markings were painted (e.g., Rescue, Prop lines, Do not walk lines, etc.) in the Summer of 2009. Second photo of completed aircraft taken by George Mayer (August 9, 2009).

Following photographs were taken on October 3, 2009 and show final exterior details. Click on the image for full size picture. Please use your browser "Back" button to return to this page.