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(No. 429 Squadron)

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CFB Comox
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CFB Summerside
(No. 413 Squadron)


CANADIAN FORCES CC-115s - No. 413 Squadron CFB Summerside

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The purpose of this page is not to provide an operational history of this squadron. This is a place for veterans of this squadron to provide images and memories of the Buffalo at this squadron. If you have any information you would like to add to his page, please contact us via email. For a general history of this Squadron please visit the Squadron History Page at the DND web site and another squadron history at RCAF.com.

In 1970, six Buffalo aircraft were transferred from 429 Squadron to provide Search and Rescue (SAR), three to each coast to replace ageing Grumman Albatross amphibious aircraft - at 442 Squadron at Comox, BC and 413 Squadron at Summerside, PEI.

In the photo below are (l-r) Major Cal Drake, Capt John Randle, Capt Pierre Forget. Photograph was taken in August 1970 by the Summerside newspaper to mark the arrival of the Buffalo to replace the Albatross as the Search & Rescue aircraft on the east coast. The three Buffalo (455, 457, and 459) joined the three CH-113 Labrador helicopters. The caption under the photo read "INAUGURAL FLIGHT OF THE BUFFALO - The skies over the Summerside area, well accustomed to the roar of aircraft have been filled with a new sound recently as the C.F.B. Summerside 413 Air Search and Rescue Squadron begin their first operational flights with the new Buffalo aircraft, which will replace the Albatross September 1st. Shown in the photo above is Maj "Cal" Drake, commanding officer of 413 Squadron welcoming John Randle and Pierre Forget following the inaugural flight. Capt Randle is the Buffalo Pilot Leader while Capt Forget is the Buffalo Training Officer." Photograph and information courtesy of Pierre Forget.

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In the summer of 1971, Governor General and Mde Mitchener flew into Summerside on a Cosmopolitan. From Summerside, a 413 Squadron Buffalo was used to fly them to 'Les Iles de la Madelaine' for a Scout Jamboree. Aircraft commander was Pierre Forget and 1st Officer was Rick Gage. Photograph and information courtesy of Pierre Forget.