CFB St. Hubert
(No. 429 Squadron)

CFB Trenton
(No. 424 Squadron)

CFB Comox
(No. 442 Squadron)

CFB Edmonton
(No. 429 and No. 440)

CFB Summerside
(No. 413 Squadron)


CANADIAN FORCES CC-115s - No. 424 Squadron CFB Trenton

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The purpose of this page is not to provide an operational history of this squadron. This is a place for veterans of this squadron to provide images and memories of the Buffalo at this squadron. If you have any information you would like to add to his page, please contact us via email. For a general history of this Squadron please visit the Squadron History Page at the DND web site and another squadron history at RCAF.com.

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Photos of 424 Squadron Buffalo at Pangnirtung (Baffin Island) ofloading diesel fuel during July 1972. Photographs provided by Joe Thibedeau. Fourth photo shows the airstrip - the dust at the left side of the airstrip is from a departing aircraft.

Photo from Joe Thibedeau on left shows refueling a Buffalo "by hand" at an unknown airfield (the radar antennas on left indicate a Dew Line site). For the first few years crews had to refuel in this manner as no aviation fuel was available on the construction airfields. These drums were dropped off earlier (previous summer) by sea/barge/truck. In the latter years crews fabricated a gasoline powered pump. Photo at right is looking northwest across the western edge of the village of Pond Inlet. The main village is over the hill on the right of picture. The land across the water is Bylot Island.

Photograph from Joe Thibedeau of Buffalo 115461 at Bermuda Naval Base in March 1973. No 424 Squadron was occasionally tasked to carry supplies for Canadian ships on exercises.